Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Different Kind of Link List: Where I Link Up Every Day (and You Should, Too)

Jamie at For Love of Cupcakes put together a post about her Link Empire last month.  I'm shamelessly stealing her idea because it's such a good one.  Thanks Jamie!  I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about the basics of SEO here.  There are tons of articles out there about this topic already.  What I'm focusing on here is the notion of backlinks.  One of the best ways to get traffic for any kind of web page (online listing, blog post, article, etc.) is to build your backlinks online.  I have been doing this for my Etsy listings for quite a while, but I completely stepped up my game when I joined HubPages.  As a result, I have added lots of new sites to my regular rotation.  Creating backlinks is now a part of my daily online routine for Etsy, this blog, and HubPages.

Like many things online, don't expect to see instant changes.  It takes time and patience to see results, but the effort is well worth it.  Also, don't get overwhelmed.  I have included a lot of suggestions here.  I did not start all of this overnight.  Take on one or two new things every week, and you'll slowly build your linking base.

Where I Link Every Day
  • Facebook and Twitter: Even with the rise of other networking sites such as Pinterest and Google +, these are still two of the most popular social networking sites right now.  If you do not have a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account, I highly urge you to get both and start using them daily.  Now that I have Hootsuite, I schedule almost everything for these two sites at least 24 hours in advance, which is a huge time saver.  It also allows me to target peak traffic times (which you can monitor through Google Analytics).  My two accounts are synched up so the live posts that I make from Facebook automatically post to Twitter.
  • Pinterest: Even half a year ago, I would have been shocked to learn that I'd be discussing Pinterest right under Facebook and Google.  I have had some huge traffic numbers on HubPages from articles that took off with re-pinning.  It has been one of my top 10 traffic sources for Etsy and HubPages for the first three months of 2012.  Please take the time to make sure that you are re-pinning legit links and that you aren't just promoting your own work.
  • Google +: Google + is still too new for me to discuss at much length.  I'm there because it's the new place to be, but I'm honestly not sure how much traffic I'm getting.  As more sites are adopting the +1 button, it's really easy to share content there without adding much extra time to your routine, which is largely why I do share there regularly.
  • Social Monkee: I started using this site for HubPages and will share blog posts when I don't have new HubPages content to add (the free version lets you upload one link per day).  The numbers aren't significant, but I do get increased traffic from using the site.
  • Red Gage: This is the newest site I've joined.  Less than two weeks into it, I've already been impressed with the traffic.  The earnings aren't huge, but every little bit counts.  The community there is very friendly.  Typically when I link new content, I upload to Social Monkee and Red Gage at the same time so I can copy and paste the same descriptions and keywords one right after the other.
  • Stumbleupon: Like Pinterest, Stumbleupon has a toolbar option, making it very easy to share new content.  There are many similar social bookmarking sites out there, but I get by far the most traffic from Stumble and it's the easiest to use so it's the one that I use the most.
  • Etsy Teams: Most Etsy teams use their discussion section regularly and/or use another forum.  Check in regularly and share your new listings, blog posts, and other resources.

Other Considerations
  • Advertisements and Button Swaps: Do you have buttons on other blogs either through paid ad spots or button swaps?  Hopefully people are clicking on them!
  • Internal Links: Do you link within your content?  If you refer back to an old post, include a link for it.  Some people use the Linked Within tool that creates the "You may also like..." section at the bottom of blog posts.
  • Comments: One of many reasons why it's important to leave comments on blog posts and articles is that it creates backlinks for you.
  • Blog Rolls: Personally I read all of the blogs that I like to follow through the blog roll within my own blog instead of using GFC or another link tool.  These blog rolls create links for other bloggers.  If you have great content that people want to read every day, they'll include you in their own rolls.
  • Blog Memes: Popular link ups such as Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Alphabe Thursdays are a great way to build blog traffic.  (They can also be a lot of fun.)

Am I missing something important?  Share your other sites and strategies for creating backlinks!

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  1. Since I have a personal diary type blog I am not concerned about these sort of things tho I can easily understand why they would be important to a business blog.

    I have found that people use blog rolls to go "visiting". There is a person from Toronto who visits my blog on a regular basis and then uses my blogroll to visit other blogs. I think that is so cool - it has happened often - various people from various parts of the world using my blogroll as a "reader"...

    I guess my blogroll is the place to be. (Should I charge people to get on it LOL)

  2. I tried the LinkWithin widget and it put up links to other people's blogs. Don't know what happened there, so I had to remove it. I do like the idea though.

  3. This is a really great resource Rose! I agree- every little bit counts. There are so many different websites out there- as I was reading your list many of them I either hadn't seen or though, oh yea, I have an account there and forget to use it!

    To your list, I would add Digg & Reditt. I use these quite frequently and they are pretty cool to peruse for news as well.

  4. Fantastic list. I need to start being more diligent about using some of these on your list. And I agree with you about Google+, I'm still getting use to that one.

  5. I would add LinkedIn to the list, there are lots of helpful creative groups on there. I've gain quite a few Facebook & twitter followers from joining them. :-)

    Also, I prefer to use buffapp for scheduling my Facebook and twitter posts (it's free and I'm cheap lol). I can schedule usually a few days worth of posts and filled it up as I think of more things to add.

  6. I link up with most of those sites you listed. I get a fair amount of visitors to my Etsy shop from Pinterest :)

  7. Thanks for the advice. I'm slowly learning about the different way social media can help me. I'm a little confused about your blog roll. Is it the list from "Blogs I Read"?

  8. Thanks for a great article,
    Rose! I need to get on the ball with these more.

  9. Great, comprehensive list! I'm so far behind in social media...I need to step up my game!

  10. Great list! I use many of them too and I'll have to check out the ones I don't!

  11. This is a great list, Rose. I admit I do some of these, but certainly not all. Gotta leave some time in the day for creatin' stuff! :-)

  12. Great list Rose! I'll have to come back and check it over when I have more time in 13 days. :)

  13. Hey great post!! Thanks for linking to my site *sweet!* :) Do you post your links to all of those sites every day? I'm wondering about pinterest & stumble upon mostly. I've been nervous about adding my own stuff there everyday but I really want to because they're such great traffic drivers.

    I need to work on adding my links more... right now I do google +, facebook, and twitter everyday.

    I know it's early, but I have to go to work so I can't add my Friday Feature to your hop. Feel free to add it when your list is up.


  14. Thanks for all the reminders! (And new info!) I try to use most of these, I call it my business maintenance. "I'm doing my business maintenance", I tell my hubby every morning!

  15. Great post - thanks for all the information!

  16. Looks like you and some of your commentors mentioned the links I've heard of. Good suggestion about scheduling -though I don't write my posts too far ahead! :-)


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