Thursday, April 19, 2012

the packaging side of greeting cards

As many of you know, one of my endeavors for 2012 has been to pick up my interest in greeting cards again.  I used to make cards for everything and really let this slide while Jake was in med school.  I had a lot of other priorities for those 4 years and don't regret buying a few cards, but I did miss playing with paper.  However, I wasn't prepared for all of the work that goes into selling cards.  Now that I have a show coming up in a few weeks (more on that soon), I've been tacking the growing pile of cards that I've created since my open house in February.

I spread everything out in Jake's gaming area so I could watch TV in the basement while I was working.  I started by sorting out all of my cards.  If you click on this photo, you can get a better look at my stitching on the St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day quilt cards.  And yes, I have been plugging away on Christmas cards since Christmas 2011.  I want to have lots of sets to sell at holiday shows this year and don't want to start this huge project in October.

I'm going to sell most of my Christmas cards in sets of 8.  I'll have some singles and sets of 4, too, but I think that most people will be interested in sets.  I bought these boxes and most of my card packaging supplies in bulk through ULine.

One of the tedious parts about getting cards ready to sell is creating all of these labels.  As I create more cards, it gets easier because I can do a lot of copy and pasting.  One of my other goals for my shop this year is to create a more unified look with my promotional and packing materials.  I'm creating most of my materials in red and turquoise and using the same font as often as possible.

I will also have a shop information label on the cards and/or sleeves (I don't put these labels on all of my mini cards).  I didn't think to add those when I got everything else ready, but I will at some point.

I have a photo storage box that I use for displaying most of my cards at shows (I also have some out on little easels).  I already have way more cards than it holds (which is many St. Patrick's Day card sets do I need to stock for a May show, right?).  I will need something else for storing extras both at home and to take with to shows so I can re-stock throughout the show.  For this packaging session, I grabbed this spare plastic box.  I have a nearly empty ULine box that held empty jewelry boxes that will hold card boxes and single cards perfectly so I will transfer everything in there before my next show.

I will be selling a lot more cards in show than on Etsy, but I am continuing to list cards there, too.  Here are my two newest that I got up this month.  Click on the photos to check out the listings.

I created this design for the wedding shower that I went to last month.

I created this design for Valentine's Day this year and also made an anniversary version.

Is anyone else preparing for a show right now?  How are things going with that your way?

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  1. You're so organized, Rose!
    Although I can only see part of the Xmas cards, I think they are looking great :)
    I usually buy cards in sets plus one or two individual ones for extra special people!

  2. Your packaging looks great and I think the sets are a great idea! It's too hard to pick out cards so to have them all in one set makes it much easier. Do you have sets of birthday cards too? I haven't even thought of shows yet.

  3. Everything looks fantastic. I've started working on a few new things for shows as well as trying to figure out a new booth set up. Good luck on your show.

  4. Great way to organize!

    Unfortunately I have had a really bad experience at not one but 5 craft I don't go anymore!

    All the best to you:)

  5. Your packaging looks great! The boxes work perfectly!
    I have one more Spring show at the end of the month. Then it will already be time to think about Fall shows!
    Good luck at your upcoming shows :)

  6. Cute! And great ideas for your show too. It's really a big task to get everything labeled and packaged properly. I know with me, I've changed the design so frequently over the years when I got a better idea or more ideas, so a lot of it is just redoing it for unification!

  7. Handmade cards are the BEST! Your packaging looks great, good thing you're so organized and thinking well ahead of upcoming events. If I think about doing a show, I usually wait until summertime to decide to see if I'll have time to create and stock up.

  8. What a fun selection of cards. Great display, too. I like Uline - they have great supplies. I like the card boxes you bought. Hope you do really well selling them!

  9. That IS a lot of work! But I'm sure your organization pays off in making it easy for the customers to locate cards they wish to buy.

  10. you're so organized! It's great that you are adding the cards slowly and won't have to rush at the end, right before the show! Great set-up! I'm still waiting on a new printer before I start card making! Sounds like a good excuse, eh? *ha* {:-D

  11. I love seeing the behind-the-scenes organization! I can learn so much from you :)

  12. Not preparing for a show right now, but you answered one of my longstanding questions about packaging. Now I know where to look! Thanks!

  13. Sounds like you have a great plan for those cards! I smiled a little when I saw the box you are using...I use those boxes for EVERYTHING!


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