Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Link List: the April recipe edition

Welcome to my Saturday Link List!  There is no theme here, but I've tried to mix up the healthy and not so healthy recipes so there's something for everyone.  Enjoy!

Who else loves avocados?

I got this one from Paige.

I've made this a couple times now with egg noodles and 1/2 brussel sprouts 1/2 cauliflower.  I love it.  The pesto is definitely what sold it to Jake.  For those who are dubious about brussel sprouts, give this a try.

Who else enjoys making pumpkin recipes all year round?  Pumpkin does not have been reserved for Thanksgiving!

I also tried this recipe recently.  I used half the suggested butter for the cinnamon-sugar layer.  I used the suggested cream cheese frosting recipe but only made half a batch, which was perfect.  This cake has been a huge hit.  I'll have my own picture of it up for the Scavenger Hunt on Monday.

What recipes/foods have you been enjoying lately?

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Saturday Link List

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Saturday Link List

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Stay tuned next week for the April resources edition!

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  1. We love mango lassi. Made one once; I'll check out her post.

  2. Is it any surprise that my favorites are the least healthy one...LOL :)
    Can't wait to see your pics of the cinnamon roll cake!

  3. Dear Rose, Thank you for posting my recipe along with these beautiful recipes.
    I wish you and your loved ones a beautiful and blessed Easter. Your friend, Catherine xo

  4. OK this made me really hungry. That pesto pasta looks soooooo good

  5. Such a variety of yummy looking recipes today! I am going to be checking out quite a few. The Cinnamon Roll cake really looks good. I'm guessing you used half the suggested butter and not button though. :)

  6. Mmmmm! Making me hungry here! What yummy recipes!

  7. Oh man, that's a great list!!! I've got to try most of those!

  8. Wow, all of them look delicccciiiouus! YUM! Will definitely have to try out a few ;)


    PS. I'm starting up a brand new blog hop on Friday. It's all about movies, and I'd be really happy if you stopped by! :)


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